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Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motors Cross Company is an online Industrial Supply and MRO specializing in the products and services typically used in Process Measurement & Control.

We offer a large selection of industrial Flow Meters, Gas Detection & Protection Products, Precision Blended Calibration Gas, Mechanical Batching Valves, Electronic Pressure monitoring products and lots more..

Save time and money by making us your first choice for industrial products and services!

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Cross Company has led the way in Industrial Distribution in the Southeastern USA for over 60 years. As a forward looking company since our creation in 1954, it's no surprise that when the opportunity to expand our product offering to customers outside of our normal trade areas via the internet came along, we jumped at the chance! As a pioneer in industrial eCommerce, with over a decade of service to our online customers, we recognized early on that the internet and eCommerce were the future of our industry.

We opened the virtual doors to our first online industrial outlet, in September, 2004. That site was created to offer flow meters, with application assistance, for all industries. Our main family of flow meters were originally designed for liquid flow measurement from GPI. Our offering has grown now to include Hedland Flow Meters, Dyansonics Flow Meters, Meinecke Flow Meters and Sparling Instruments Flow Meters.

Now we have moved operations to, our new, more complete catalog and handy features that make to easier to shop.

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Reference Library
Flow Meter Selection Guide

Learn the fundamentals of flow meter selection, along with basic informaton on Turbine, Oval Gear, Variable Area and Ultrasonic Flow Meters in this four part series.

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Understanding & Customizing your GPI "09" Digital Display

Understanding & Customizing your GPI 09 Series Digital Display. If you own a GPI A1, TM or G2 Series Turbine Meter with an integral display, chances are good that it's equipped with GPI's standard 09 Series Electronic Display.

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LEL - Lower Explosive Limit

LEL – If you spend much time working with Calibration Gas, it’s very likely that you will see the term “LEL” used extensively. LEL, short for “Lower Explosive Limit”...

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Converting PPM to % (Vol.)

Converting PPM to % (V) As difficult is it may seem on the surface, converting PPM to % Volol. is actually very simple! Think of 1 ppm as 1/1,000,000. One divided by one million = 0.000001 or 0.0001%.

Industrial Instrumentation Tips


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